South Central Virginia Nonprofit Network is a collective of area nonprofits coordinating to support our community and each other. Our goal is to provide a database of resources for those needing assistance.

Currently, South Central Virginia Nonprofit Network consists of this website and a simple community PR campaign to gain awareness. We are interested in other outreach campaigns such as a direct mailer to reach rural residents who lack internet access and a printed questionnaire for those seeking volunteer assistance.


South Central Virginia Nonprofit Network is supported by:

Leading Sponsors: Crossroads Community Services Board, STEPS, inc., Piedmont Senior Resources, and The United Way of Prince Edward County

Donors: Letterpress Communications, The Moton Museum,  and W.A. Watson and Sons Insurance

If you are interested in partnering to support the direct costs of the website and community outreach efforts, please contact us.


Listing Guidelines

The mission of South Central Virginia Nonprofit Network is to provide a comprehensive list of essential services offered to support individuals and families in our 7-county service area. This resource is not a listing of all nonprofits in the area as it does not include, for example, arts organizations.

South Central Virginia Nonprofit Network is focused on providing resources that are:

  • Meeting a critical need such as food, shelter or other resources essential for daily living.
  • Nonprofits or state/government agencies
  • Locally based or a regional/national organization with a local presence
  • A faith group providing a specific essential service to our community like a food pantry

Thank you for your understanding and for helping support our community.


Add A Listing

If you would like to have your nonprofit organization listed as a service provider, please submit your listing.

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